“Fare consulenza di comunicazione senza promesse e chiacchiere è una
professione non facile, che richiede molta perseveranza, giusto impegno,
poche idée, ma buone. Susannah Gold lavora con me dal 2007 per il Premio
Balzan: non ha mai fatto promesse, pochissime chiacchiere, qualche buona
idea, molta perseveranza e il giusto impegno. Peciò da cinque anni svolge un
compito difficile nel modo appropriato, aggiungendo  sue caratteristiche
personali molto adatte all’oggetto del nostro lavoro: delicatezza,
educazione e capacità di documentarsi su temi complicati.”

Marcello Foresti, Ufficio Stampa, Fondazione Internazionale Premio Balzan

“Susannah Gold was Pirelli & C.’s corporate communications representative in New York and for the United States. In this role, she developed contacts in the US financial media that would be useful to Pirelli and to me as the head of Pirelli’s international media relations based in Milan. She also developed and helped me develop story ideas for the US media. The aim was to build up awareness of Pirelli in the USA and also to boost the CEO’s profile there. As well as helping me, she worked directly with the NYC media on behalf of the CEO of Pirelli’s North American operations. In this capacity, she arranged meetings for him with journalists and editors in the New York financial media. She also helped me write and edit press releases and talking points for eventual interviews. In simple words, being based in Milan I needed someone on the ground in New York with their own contacts and with a knowledge of how the local media market works. Susannah was excellent. She was also able to arrange very good contacts and introductions for me on the West Coast which showed me that she is able to also move effectively in unchartered waters.” Ralph Traviati, Head of International Corporate Press, Pirelli & C. SpA.


“Susannah is a critical thinker and an acute observer and analyst of situations, priorities, and relationships–and her skill at planning and logistics is made even more effective by her warmth and good humor. She has a wealth of experience in various sectors and she is always ready to share her knowledge and to cooperate and bring projects to fruition, even when they’re not her own projects.” Abigail Asher, Publications and Development, The Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America, Columbia University.