The correct branding of a product or service, together with its’ differentiation from competitors can be the key to the success of that product or service. Often there is a net difference in the way a company and its products are perceived and the company’s stated objectives. This discrepancy naturally translates into missing desired result targets. Gold Communications can help clients reposition their company so that forecasted results can be achieved.
Our experience has taught us that these forecasted results can be achieved thanks to a correction of the company’s branding.

The first step in all of our communications plans is to understand how our clients are perceived by their target audience. We do this through a series of tools and instruments including analyses and surveys.

Once we have a clear vision of how the company is perceived we then share this information with top management. Together we verify whether that overall perception is in line with management objectives and overall strategic outlook. If, as is often the case, there is some contrast between current perceptions and the desired image the company wants to project, Gold Communications works with the company to redefine its message and image. We segment our clients’ target audience and look to craft messages to fit each particular public.

Our plans and branding work can be all encompassing or very limited in scope, according to our clients’ request. We always work with an eye to keeping communications plans and messages in line with overall company strategy, taking into account both the medium and the long term.


Media Relations

We offer numerous media relations services. We pride ourselves on our strong relationships with national, international, regional, trade and broadcast publications which ensure that our clients’ message is delivered in the timeliest manner to its target audience. Gold Communications aids its clients in creating productive relationships with journalists.

Our services include among others:

  • Developing marketing and corporate communications plans and strategies
  • Establishing media relations programs and placement
  • Building a targeted media list and tracking editorial calendars
  • Developing, writing and distributing news releases
  • Creating press kits
  • Writing and editing feature articles, case studies
  • Assisting in-house Communications Directors with management of marketing and public relations projects
  • Coordinating and planning special events
  • Writing speeches and video scripts
  • Coordinating speaking engagements
  • Developing and implementing advertising campaigns


Media Training

With Gold Communications’ media training expertise, company officials are given the chance to hone their media skills. We work one on one with executives, or we can give media training seminars to a small group. Our program is designed to give tools and feedback to our clients to improve their rapport with journalists.

We help your top management to:

  • Develop concise and clear messages to give to the press
  • Project a positive image on TV and in print media
  • React calmly to difficult questions

We tape all of our training sessions and then critique the session together with our clients. We do a number of role playing exercises using different approaches until the client feels that they are ready to handle their meetings with the press. At the end of the seminar, we discuss the results of the exercises and taped sessions and leave the clients with a manual that they can consult for their future encounters with journalists.


Crisis Communication

Crisis communication is one of the most crucial areas that companies need to consider. In a 24-hour media environment, clients must be ready to answer questions at any time. Gold Communications can help clients in the midst of the crisis and/or will help management devise a crisis communications plan that anticipates what steps to take if a crisis arises. Gold Communications prepares clients to anticipate what kinds of press inquires they will receive and the appropriate responses to such questions.

Gold Communication’s media knowledge plays a crucial role in any evolving crisis. We help clients to respond quickly, correctly and effectively in order to protect their reputation, arguably any company’s most valuable asset.

We provide role-playing exercises to test the feasibility of a clients’ crisis plan. Through various sessions, we work with management to get all decision makers into a position of strength vis-á-vis difficult information. Thanks to the correct and timely management of critical information, Gold Communications can often help clients turn a potentially negative crisis situation into a positive public relations opportunity for the company.

Investor Relations

Our investor relations services are based on our expertise in the financial services field and the relationships we have built over the years with the financial community. We offer CEOs and top management assistance in meeting the financial community and preparing documentation for such events.

  • Prepare and manage road trips and conference calls
  • Aid and prepare corporate officers for important meetings, presentations
  • Create and edit annual reports and corporate brochures
  • Analysis of how a company is perceived in the financial and investor community
  • Aid CEOs in communicating a company’s strategic message
  • Continuous market intelligence, including data on shareholder characteristics